King of Terrors and other Essays

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Fr. John Heidt was a scholar, a pastor, a husband, and a dad whose life had a profound effect on clergy and laity alike. This excellent book, compiled by his son, Fr. Michael Heidt, is a result of numerous requests to make Canon Heidt's words available in book form. Fr. Heidt was greatly influenced by Fr. Austin Farrar and Fr. Homer Rogers, both heroes of his, but he himself has been and will continue to be a hero to many. In King of Terrors & Other Essays, Fr. John Heidt does that increasingly rare thing, uphold and elucidate catholic orthodoxy as seen through the lens of the Anglican tradition. This collection of essays, articles and letters is far more than a blast, as it were, upon the trumpet of unashamed apologetic, however nuanced. It is a reflection on the nature of the Church herself, the mysteries of the faith, most notably the problem of evil, and an examination of Anglo-Catholicism. This book is a perfect book to read and reread and share with those who seek to have a glimpse into the life and mind of a scholarly Anglican.

  • ISBN - 978-0-9896267-1-2

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