About Us

During the period of time in the American Church (Episcopal) when there were heroes of the Faith who sought to plant and expand the principles of the Oxford Movement or “Tractarian Movement” Parish Press was born. Operating out of the beauty of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Fond du Lac Wisconsin, aided by the Sisters of the Holy Nativity, Parish Press was born. Dean Averill, Dean of the Cathedral (1923), and Dean Gulick his successor had the vision that Anglo Catholic devotional materials needed to be made available to those clergy, laity and churches that were being influenced by the Ritualist Movement that had taken root in numerous parishes and Dioceses, including the so-called “Biretta Belt” a string of Dioceses including Fond du Lac, Eau Claire, and Milwaukee in Wisconsin, Quincy, Chicago and Springfield in Illinois, Northern Indiana, and Marquette Michigan. These devotional materials would include Tracts for the Tract Racks found in Church Narthexes, various framed cards for Altar, Sacristy, and Narthex, and numerous certificates including those for Baptism, Confirmation, and First Holy Communion. Over the years these materials became a familiar site in many churches, and the ministry of Parish Press became legendary.

In the 1990’s as the Cathedral Church of St. Paul evaluated their various ministries, it was determined that the Parish Press would be sold. It was acquired in the mid nineties by Fr. and Mrs. Jerry Jones of Kansas, and in August 2011 it was acquired by DoveTracts Publications of Texas. The desire of Parish Press/ DoveTracts is to provide resources including devotional materials and educational materials for yet another generation of those who seek to be drawn ever closer to our Lord Jesus Christ through worship in a rich sacramental life. Parish Press/DoveTracts sees itself as a servant ministry that simply seeks to enrich and enhance the lives of clergy, laity and parishes. While certainly of the Anglo-Catholic Tradition these materials are appropriate for all Christians particularly for those who live their Christian lives in Liturgical Churches. Roman Catholics, Lutherans, and Eastern Orthodox and Anglicans have availed themselves of these resources, and it is our hope that countless generations to come will benefit from the riches of Parish Press/DoveTracts as those of past generations have. “To God be the Glory.”