"What makes the Parish Press/DoveTracts unique?" 

We respond primarily to requests from people asking us "Why is there nothing available on the subject of (fill in the blank.)" These excellent questions then become our "marching orders," and we first look to see what has been available or is available. If we discover that nothing has been done on the subject, we produce our own. If we find that what has been produced in thepast is out of print, we begin the process of republication.

"I use the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. Which Prayer Book is the basis for your publications?"

Since the Parish Press is now 100 years old, we have a wide range of subjects which really can be called "the Prayer Book tradition."That means all Books of Common Prayer since1549. Many of the materials available reflect a time when those who used the 1928 Book of Common Prayer also used supplemental materials that were available in "The American Missal," "The Anglican Missal" and"The English Missal"  such as the Imposition of Ashes for Ash Wednesday and the various Rites of Holy Week. The DVD's also take into account later prayer book revisions.

"Are these publications just for Episcopalians?"

While the founding of The Parish Press was primarily with Episcopalians in mind, it was through the lens of Bishop Grafton of Fond du Lac who termed the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America as "The American Catholic Church." Anglicans of every jurisdiction, Lutherans and Roman Catholics seem to be our most usual customers both in the United States and overseas. Our publications are now being used in over 5 countries.

"Can I play your CD's?"

No. When DoveTracts was founded, primarily as a" Tract Company" we envisioned churches buying the tracts and books on CD so that they could print the number they needed, on the type of paper they wanted, and then presented in the way in which they wished.We felt that having to buy a minimum number of any item placed an unusual financial burden upon small churches. One of our goals is to get tract racks back into churches and then to fill them with good and reliable teaching tracts.  

"What are your future plans?"

 We have just acquired the rights to "Credo"- the Anglo-Catholic version of "Alpha"; "Foundation of the Faith" by Bishop William Wantland; "TheRomance of Orthodoxy" by Fr. Homer Rogers and several books by the English scholar and author, Fr. Arthur Middleton, including "A New Oxford Movement." There are several more books anticipated, and we are in the process of acquiring those rights.