War, Love, and Redemption - a Memoir

$ 14.00

War, Love, and Redemption

 The Parish Press is profoundly honored to present its newest book, a Memoir, entitled “War, Love, and Redemption.”  Beginning in the aftermath of World War I, and immediately being immeshed in a tumultuous period that resulted in World War II and subsequently Communism, this is a book of a woman and her unwavering faith.  Katrina Catske was born into a life that many would have dreamed of having, but it changed very rapidly.   A granddaughter of the first President of Latvia and the daughter of remarkable Christian parents, including a father who is still highly regarded in Baltic history, along with his father, this is a living story of a mother and her two daughters escaping their beloved Latvia.  Follow their journey from Latvia to Sweden to the United States, without any hope of ever seeing their family and their homeland again, and breathe in the faith of a little girl who became a woman, who married a Naval hero, who became a priest.  Her dear husband, Fr. David Wilson, has walked with his beloved wife along with their two daughters to an unexpected stage: Redemption.  This is a book that will inspire and offer hope that can only come from knowing God.

 This is a true story full of faith and love and humor.

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