The Littlest Acolyte Presents The Liturgy Trilogy

$ 15.00

Three books in one!  Book one covers the principles of serving as an acolyte, setting up the altar, and worshipping at Mass. Book two actually has a plot and goes through the themes of Advent and Christmas. Book three covers the Paschal cycle and even includes “Up in Smoke: the Mystery of the Vanishing Incense.”

BOOK ONE The Littlest Acolyte

Being a didactic fiction for children and young persons wherewith to encourage their assistance at the Holy Communion, or the Mass, composed of three several though interrelated parts:  first, “The Littlest Acolyte,” narrating the instruction of acolytes, be they large or small; second, “Can I Be God’s Handmaiden, Too?,” unfolding a junior altar guild’s work; and third, “Mysteries of the Mysteries,” incorporating divers reflections on the supernatural nature of the aforesaid Holy Communion, or Mass



Being yet another didactic fiction for children and young persons,
wherein are recorded for one’s education and edification
divers and sundry liturgical tidbits throughout
the four Sundays of Advent & Christmastide
& containing various pious legends therein



Being the third and (diminishingly) didactic fiction in the Littlest Acolyte trilogy,
in which the events of the Paschal cycle are intermingled
with mystery and a touch of romance

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