Saints, Animals, and Children Serving God: 3 Easy to perform Plays

$ 15.00

These plays have been written to accommodate almost any space. An open area is needed, as well as a door for the entrance and exit of the characters introduced throughout each play. If a door is not accessible near the open area, simple masking might be desired. For the original performances of each of these plays, table cloths were used to cover tables which the actors hid behind prior to their entrances. Masking flats would also work nicely. The author, Dr. Shellie O'Neal, has written eighteen plays including the three in this book. Two of her plays have won the state playwriting award sponsored by the Texas Educational Theater Association. Shellie's plays have been performed at schools, churches, colleges, community theaters and universities. She taught for three years at U.T.Tyler and for the past eleven years has served as Director of Theater at Navaro College in Texas where she has directed over forty productions.

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