Preparing for the Sacraments of Holy Communion & Confirmation (Workbooks on CD)

$ 10.00

Trying to find a First Holy Communion curriculum or a Confirmation curriculum today is not an easy task! "Where can I find it," "Can I trust its contents," "How many copies will I need," are common questions that are asked. Based on the Catechism of the Church and numerous time honored sources, this CD book is easy to use. With numerous references to the Book of Common Prayer and the Bible, the student learns how to use both books, and have great fun in the process. This CD Book can be used by all age groups preparing for the Sacraments of the Church. Both a Teacher's manual and a Student's manual are included along with suggestions for implementing the teachings with the particularities of the local church. Now used by numerous churches this CD book is now "tried and true" with an emphasis on the joy of knowing the Lord in the context of His Church. (text & CD)

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