Prayers While Vesting

$ 4.00


For over the past 80 years, the Parish Press has produced Sacristy Cards which can now be seen in Sacristies around the world. These cards have offered assistance to both the Altar Guild and to the Clergy in terms of how to set up vestments, the vessels, and how light the candles. The cards often found on the vesting Table include the traditional Prayers said by the Celebrant when he vests, and the traditional prayers said when he removes his vestments,

The Parish Press has realized that the size of these cards often make it difficult to find standard frames, and in many places churches either have paid to have the cards framed, laminated them or made do with a standard frame. We have responded to your concerns and now make available to you the "Prayers While Vesting" and the "Prayers While Removing the Vestments" cards in the standard size of 8 x 10 so that you may easily frame them for use in your Vesting area. They continue to be printed in the same style with which you have been familiar over these many decades.

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