The Use of Sanctus Bells at Mass Card $3.00 each

$ 3.00

“The Use of Sanctus Bells at Mass”. White Heavy Card Stock 6 inches by 10 inches We have received many inquiries regarding the use of Sanctus Bells, and this card is a response to those inquiries. This card visually indicates the appropriate places in the course of the “Great Thanksgiving” (including Sanctus and Eucharistic Prayer) when Sanctus Bells are traditionally rung in the prevailing Western Rite usage. This card is the same size as the “Preparation for Mass” Cards, made of card stock with rounded corners to prevent corner damage. This usage is appropriate for churches which use the prevailing Canon of the Mass found in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, the American Missal, the Anglican Missal, the Knott Missal, and Rite I of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. This card can conveniently be placed near the Sanctus Bells for the Server who will be ringing the Sanctus Bells.

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