Called to be a Bishop (Textbook on CD)

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"What do you need?" "When do you put it on and when do you take it off?" The life of a bishop is certainly complex, but one of the commonly posed questions by bishops, priests, deacons, and laity involves the use of the vesture of bishops. These questions and others are asked of the Rt. Rev Keith L. Ackerman by many bishops who are soon to be consecrated or are newly consecrated. Similarly Altar Guilds and those participating in Liturgical events have made it abundantly clear that they want to make appropriate preparations when the bishop comes. Every Sunday morning at least one person wants to know the significance of what the bishop wears, why he wears it, and why he changes it at various points in the course of the liturgy. The Bishop's Visitation can either be a great occasion for joy or sometimes a time for nervousness and anxiety. As unimportant as vesture may seem to be to some in light of the importance of episcopal ministry, nonetheless, questions regarding vesture and ritual are asked nearly every time a bishop makes his Visitation. By citing numerous traditions and customs, Bishop Ackerman has provided a comprehensive guide that will assist bishops, priests, deacons, and laity as they prepare for every type of event, including the Sacraments of the Church. This book, conveniently available in printable form on a CD contains answers to commonly asked questions, a glossary of terms, photos of each type of vestment, and the appropriate forms that can be sent by the bishop prior to his Visitation. Also included is a sample "Bishop's Customary," that can be used as a model for aiding both the bishop and the diocese in celebrating their corporate life together in the Body of Christ. This book is written for all people in the Church who want to know more about the office of bishop and also diocesan and parochial life when the Bishop is present.

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