To God Be the Glory - Growing Towards a Healthy Church (Workbook on CD)

$ 15.00

To God be the Glory: Growing Towards a Healthy Church - A Workbook for Clergy and Laity is the first book written by the Rt. Revd and Mrs. Keith L. Ackerman as a response to numerous questions posed by clergy and laity. "Why do we do what we do?" "Do you know of any resources for First Holy Communion and Confirmation Classes?" "What do we need to do to have a successful Newcomers Program?" "How can we do a Seder (Passover Meal) in our church?" From these and other questions came booklets that became chapters that became a book. The Rt. Revd Donald J. Parsons, Sixth Bishop of Quincy says, "In these pages the reader will find guides who have been involved in the daily round of congregational existence. Here will be found the observations of a veteran of parish ministry and suggestions of parochial activities from a priest's wife whose life was not confined in any kind of ivory tower." Jan Karon, author of the Mitford series says, "Your excellent book will be invaluable to me as a Christian, as a churchwoman, and as an author writing about the Church." Some of the Chapters include "Evangelism," "The Life Styles of a Healthy Church." "When the Bishop Makes a Visitation," "Seasonal Customs and Traditions," and more. This expansive book is intended to be used as a workbook that can easily be used from Vestry Retreats, to Weekend Conferences, to the training of leaders and the preparation of people for the Sacraments of the Church. (text on CD)

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