Timeless Truths for Turbulent Times (Printable tracts on CD ROM)

$ 10.00

A Compilation of Conservative Christian Tracts on CD for Church Tract Racks, Newsletters, or Bulletins Tracts by Sister Mary Jean, CSM How Can I Pray?, What is Confession?, What is the Bible?, What is the Christian Year?, What is the Holy Eucharist? Tracts by Bishop K.L. Ackerman, SSC Why We DoWhatWe Do, Holy Thursday, Timeless Truths for Turbulent Times, Liturgy the Work of the People Tracts and Meditations by Father Ron E. White Who is Righteous, Divine Presence in Church, Soul or Spirit, Christ and the Cross, The Cost of Discipleship, The Last Judgement, God's Gifts Given, Prayers that are Refused, The Reach of His Faithfulness, The Separating Power of Things Present, The Simple Life, There Are Things We Cannot Hear Meditations on the Fruits of the Spirit by Canon Laurence Larson Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Green Apple Pie Tracts by Father Steven McClaskey Manipulating Morality,Genuine Love, Advent Means It's Coming, Maturity, Blessing and It's Contradiction, The Blood Sport of Gossip, The Power of Forgiveness Tracts by Father John Spencer Why Do We Observe Sunday?, The Road Home from Babylon, Questions and Answers, Stewardship,What Did Jesus Say?

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